Tuesday Thought: Athlete Development is NOT Linear


I train athletes of various ages, experiences, injury history, dominant skill sets, dominant fiber types, goals, positions, sports, dedication levels, homelifes, economic status, family structures, etc, etc, etc. If I expect that they all shall follow the same set program and each becomes the BEST versions of themselves, than I’m misguided.

If they follow that program and don’t see the results I expect and I BLAME THEM because “it worked for those other two athlete’s I worked with,” than I’m misguided.

If I use the same coaching strategies with every athlete and some “don’t get it” and I blame them for not UNDERSTANDING, than I’m misguided.

Athlete development is a winding road with limitless factors separating and affecting efficacy for the individual. As a coach my job is to identify the factors that are going to have the greatest impact on each individual and then CONSTANTLY reassess and reprioritize in order to facilitate maximal training effect for each athlete!



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