Do Work. No Ego.

"DO WORK. NO EGO" This is written on the board in the gym. A reminder that we all are there for a purpose and that purpose has nothing to do with making others feel inadequate, or comparing our progress to others. Applying this mindset to our training environment allows us to recognize strengths and weaknesses freely, as a way to improve collectively,

Knowledge Without the Right Tools

For coaches this means going beyond the textbooks. Beyond the blogs. Beyond the YouTube and Instagram videos. This is understanding the practical implications of what you've learned in theory about periodization, energy systems, force production, etc., and how to best adapt and apply it for the benefit of the athlete. Want your athletes to Olympic Lift? Go learn HOW to properly execute and coach the lifts. Want to incorporate sprinting into your programming?

Olympic Lifting For Hockey - Why I teach the catch

Olympic Lifting For Hockey: Why I teach the catch

Olympic Lifting, or Weightlifting, refers specifically to the disciplines of the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. These movements are highly technical and the ultimate expression of power! DISCLAIMER: First things first. Coaches, if you don't know how to perform and coach the lifts, DON'T! There are plenty of other ways to program for power development. … Continue reading Olympic Lifting For Hockey: Why I teach the catch