Tuesday Thought: Put Your Own Mask On First

“Put your own mask on first” – Logic, Last Call

This is a tough one for many out there to grab hold of.

We must take care of ourselves, in order to take care of others. If we are not physically, mentally and emotionally well; we cannot expect to be there fully for others for very long.

If you are someone who lives and operates in the service of others, you often feel guilty saying no, or putting yourself first. However, this is a recipe for burnout and being taken advantage of.

This does not mean we STOP living in service of others because that is what makes me happy and feel purpose. However, it does mean possessing awareness and selfishness when it comes to your personal well being. Understand when and HOW to disconnect; recharge emotionally, make time for physical activity and connect with family.

I don’t believe #balance is a truely plausible endeavor, especially if you seek greatness. However, finding YOUR balance is!

“Be selfish in this regard” -Logic


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